Middle School Basketball Tradition Continues


Matthew Pasko, Staff Writer

Delbarton Basketball has a long tradition of excellence. The Middle School team is no exception. Coached by Mr. Negrin and Mr. DelGuercio, the team consists of 12 eighth graders and 3 seventh graders. The three seventh grade newcomers to this year’s team are Chris Accardo, Paul Brady, and Kevin Hager. Paul suffered an arm injury early in the season, but he was able to return by the second half and finish strong. The eighth graders are Matthew Accardo, Ikenna Amadi, Reagan Crann, Matthew Howley, Ryan Johnson, John McEvoy, Colin Minter, Aidan Papantonis, William Petrucco, Preston Sepe, and Andrew Tremante. The team manager is seventh grader Brett Spada.

Coach Negrin commented on the teamwork among players and how the eighth graders guide the new seventh graders:  “It was a big 8th grade class, and they fully embraced the role as leaders for the few 7th grade players. It was a very fun group to coach, as they always pushed each other to succeed, whether in practice, or during a game.” It was because of this teamwork and hard work that the team was able to go 7-5 this season against teams such as Booton, St. John, Pequonnock, Frelinghuysen, and Dover.

Another skill that the team had was the speed of their point guards, allowing them to get down the floor to score points before the defense knew what hit them. The team was very good at boxing out and rebounding, making sure the other team had no chances for a second shot. Mr. Negrin wanted not only to make the team members better players, but also make them better people and students.

The team was proud of its season. “M.S. Basketball is the best that has ever played, and ever will”, an anonymous seventh grader said.