Spirit Week is HERE!

Festivities Run Feb. 11-13!

Rohan Amin

The Senior Council has quite a bit planned for this year’s spirit week, Tuesday, February 11th-Thursday, February 13th. The Monday before is not part of spirit week, but serves to allow teachers to wrap up assignments and assessments before the start of spirit week to try and lighten the load during the festivities.

On Tuesday, the student body will gather in the gym for different events the senior council has planned from 2:00-2:40, one of which being sumo fights between students of the school on a mat in the gym. After school, we have the preliminary tournaments for the deanery competitions in spike ball, ping pong, and dodgeball; the finals will be showcased in front of the whole school later in the week.

On Wednesday, more student-run activities will be presented to the students from 2:00-2:40, including a “Hot Bites Challenge” in which students compete to eat incredibly spicy wings the quickest. In addition, this day features our iconic “Spirit Week Costume Contest”, so the theme is costumes for the day. (or USA if you’re not willing to wear a costume). The afternoon on Wednesday is packed with fun activities, including the Smash Bros. preliminary tournament and a host of other tournaments for deaneries before the long awaited wrestling match at 7 PM.  Delbarton is ranked #10 in the country to Bergen Catholic’s #9, and the match is truly one for the books. Students will have to come early to get their spot in this truly momentous match!

Thursday will be the most packed and fun day of spirit week. After the Student v. Faculty basketball game and tournament finals occur in the gym (1:15-2:40), the entire afternoon is packed with ways to stay on campus before Tom Kennedy, the famous mentalist and magician, comes to perform at 5:30. From 3-5, the Pizza Vita truck will come and serve students while “Jeopardy” and “Family Feud” happen in the FAC. To conclude our packed week, the basketball team plays Chatham at 7 at home, a contest between two equally matched rivals.