1917: Not to be Missed!

Award Winning Film a “Must-See”


Matthew Pasko, Staff Writer

In the 21st century, the genre of war movies has taken a significant and noticeably different tone. Gone are the Rambo-like movies produced to amaze the audience with massive explosions, high body counts, and over-the-top adrenaline rushes. Instead, for the most part, the historical war movies of the past decades, such as Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk, and Hacksaw Ridge have taken a more documentary viewpoint, intending to focus more on themes and the character’s story than on the action. This is why 1917 was regarded as one of the best movies of 2019.

The film 1917 takes place in the second half of the first world war in Northern France. It follows two young soldiers who are tasked with delivering a message to a battalion of British troops several miles away, calling off an ill-fated attack. The two men must travel through German territory, across dangerous terrain, and the many perils that lie in between.  Their determination is noble and the suspense builds as the message comes achingly, ever-closer to delivery.

One of the most unusual aspects of the movie is that it is shot as a single scene. For almost two hours, the same camera follows the mission with only one break in the middle when one of the soldiers is knocked unconscious. This effect builds the suspense and gives the film a more realistic feel.  The audience feels as if they too are on the journey to deliver the orders from command to the attacking troops.

The film is more than just a story of a wartime adventure: it has themes of brotherhood, humanity, and perseverance, all of which are often hard to find in times of war, and also all apply to us here at Delbarton. I highly recommend 1917 to everyone here at Delbarton, as it may have an impact on you through its overall quality and message as well as its connection to the curriculum.