An Update from the 2020-21 Campus Ministry Team

Owen Hand, Staff Writer

Like everything else this year, the Campus Ministry program has a lot of Covid-inspired protocols to deal with. Despite this, the 2020-2021 Campus Ministry Team, is still looking to serve others and develop the faith and spirit of the Delbarton community more than ever. In these difficult times, there are more people in need of help and outreach than in past years— so there are many opportunities for charitable works! As my fellow Campus Minister, Alex Paulius, recently said, “We can still extend and practice our faith beyond the classroom” in this unusual time. This extension of faith and charity will start on Wednesday, September 16th when the Virtual Service Fair takes place. The fair (besides being virtual) will be very similar to previous years, except this year some of our service and liturgical groups have been put on hold due to COVID-19. I encourage all of my brothers to get involved in the fair, because this is where our service begins!

In addition to the changes in Community Service, our Retreat Program will also look a little different this year. We are no longer permitted to have overnight retreats, but the Campus Ministry Team (lead by Dr. Hajduk and Mr. White) still hopes to lead modified, yet impactful retreats from which I and many of my fellow upperclassmen have gained so much. We know these retreats are times when students can step back and focus on developing their relationship with God and their brothers; with this in mind, we hope to bring a new level of energy to the retreat program!

As we begin this new school year, the Campus Ministry Team is determined to serve, for we hope to follow Christ’s example: “just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve” (Mt. 20:28).