Learning Commons Update #2

“Another exciting update is that the current library in Trinity Hall will be converted into a ‘Student Commons’ for all grade levels.”


Matthew Pasko

Over the last few weeks the St. Benedict Hall Learning Commons has seen tremendous progress. Father Michael announced that the construction will be finished by the time we return from Spring Break in March, 2021.

There will be a formal dedication on May 15, 2021. By that time, all three classrooms from Old Main as well as the Guidance Department will all move to St. Benedict’s Hall. Don’t worry though: students will still be able to walk through Old Main throughout the day, but no classes will be held there. Going forward, Old Main will be used as a meeting place for parent groups and social events, as well as offices for alumni groups, fundraising, and the Business Office. 

Another exciting update is that the current library in Trinity Hall will be converted into a “Student Commons” for all grade levels. This space will have vending machines, couches, as well as other comfortable furniture. This will be an area for students to relax before and after school or between classes. Within St. Benedict Hall, the “Pavilion” will be reserved for seniors when not in use for other events. 

The Delbarton community eagerly awaits the completion of our newest building, which is both ahead of schedule and under-budget. One “benefit” of the Covid shut-down last spring was that construction crews could work uninterrupted and therefore get ahead of the original projected timetable.  We are especially lucky that our current seniors will be able to finish out their spring term with St. Benedict Hall at their disposal as well. 

Please take a look at the attached updated renderings of the new building.