Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Fired

January 20, 2016

12 years later, and the New York Giants will not be the same.  Tom Coughlin is no longer the head coach.  It says a lot about Coughlin as a leader that he stepped down, and did not wait to be fired.  Sure, it looks better...

San Bernadino and The Gun Control Debate

Eric Hsieh, Staff Writer

January 7, 2016

On December 2, 2015, two shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, opened fire on innocent people in the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino, California. Fourteen people were killed and twenty-two were injured. This...

Jeb Bush: How Much Longer Can He Hold On?

Liam Gannon, Opinion Section Editor

December 18, 2015

About a year ago at this time, Jeb Bush was emerging as the no-doubt candidate for the Republican Party. Few other significant suitors had joined the race while Bush appealed to several sponsors, and the nomination from the RNC...

Is This The End?

Is This The End?

December 10, 2015

Thoughts on Recent Shootings

Nick Diana, Staff Writer

December 7, 2015

Not even a month ago, the world was saddened by the terror that occurred in Paris.  Just a few weeks later, Americans had to cope with two more mass shootings.   On November 27, Robert Lewis Dear Jr. left three dead and anothe...

Charlie Hebdo Attacks: One Year Later

John Beute, Contributor

December 2, 2015

November 13th, 2015. Explosions and gunfire erupt at a concert hall in Paris. Terrorists armed with explosives and suicide belts take the lives of more than one hundred people. Elsewhere, eleven are killed at a Paris restaurant...

What Should the US Do About ISIS?

Eric Hsieh, Staff Writer

November 24, 2015

Amid the recent Paris attacks, the United States struggles to find solvency against a growing terrorist threat. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant rose to power during the chaos caused by the Syrian Civil War. In 2014,...

Greece’s Future Financial Status

Eric Hsieh, Staff Writer

November 24, 2015

Greece became the center of Europe’s debt crisis after the Wall Street implosion in 2008 faded from the headlines. In 2009, Greece revealed that it had been understating its deficit figures for years, alarming numerous investors...

Migrant Crisis: What Can Be Done

Justin Yang, Contributor

November 16, 2015

Currently, in Syria, nearly 200,000 people have been killed. While some people decided to remain in Syria, nearly half of the Syrian residents have decided to leave. As people scramble to escape the warring lands, there are two...

A Young Papacy in Summary

Liam Gannon '16, Opinion Section Editor

September 29, 2015

On Wednesday, September 24th, Pope Francis arrived in Washington, marking the first papal visit in the U. S. since Pope Benedict XVI visited in 2008. Named Pope in early 2013, Pope Francis’ young papacy has already been the s...

Global Warming Despite Brutal Winter

Tim Sienko

May 13, 2015

After record-breaking bitter cold temperatures and snowfall totals throughout the winter of 2015, many skeptics doubt the credibility of climate change predictions.  Is global warming just a myth? To figure out this question,...