Freshman Basketball Wrap-Up


Christian Agathis , Staff Writer

Yet another Delbarton team finishes with an unbelievable year. The Delbarton Freshman Basketball team had an incredible season finishing with a record of 16 wins and 2 losses. The freshmen team’s “worst” loss was by a mere 3 points. Meanwhile, their biggest win was by 50 points. Freshman small forward Scott Martin believes that “the way everyone bonded together so quickly as a team” was a large factor towards their success in games. The friendships and chemistry the players developed with one another was what won the the close battles, such as a four point win against Montville. Despite their shaky start, the team finished on a thirteen game winning streak. This shows that as the season went on, the bonds that developed between the players played a key factor. The overlying theme of brotherhood here at Delbarton has a crucial presence on and off the court.


Congratulations on an excellent season, freshmen ballers!