Varsity Soccer Preview

Christian Agathis, Sports Editor

Another year of Delbarton soccer lies ahead of us, and like those before it, this year promises to be yet another successful season. Soccer is a sport Delbarton seems to always excel at and arguably has the largest fan pits of any Delbarton sports team. This year’s team is especially senior-heavy, meaning that most of the starters are as experienced as possible. This also means that this year’s team has the potential be superior to recent and future years.

The senior class this year is chock full of talented soccer players, two of whom have high expectations for the year. Senior Kian Alberto, a player known by all of the student body, finds that although “one or two seniors who started” for the team graduated this past year, they “feel very very confident about where [they] stand and how [they] play.” Alberto believes that “the sophomores and juniors will always have a role” this year, but will have more of the spotlight on them “after this year when they have to take over the program.” On the topic of the newcomers to the team, senior captain John Gerard is convinced that the youngsters on the team will be a huge help. Gerard reveals that the sophomores and juniors “have a big role,” and like Kian, Gerard places his trust in the noobies to “carry on the soccer tradition” for them. Gerard and Alberto have a positive outlook onto the future, but the present is showing great promise.

The Green Wave has shown tremendous skill by winning their first five games. Although a five-game win streak for a Delbarton team isn’t unique, these wins should not be underestimated. Of the matches that the Wave has won so far, their most impressive win came against Pennington High School, a top team in the nation! The varsity team not only won, but they obliterated them, winning 4-0. Despite this being a huge win, Gerard and Alberto reveal that the team has remained level-headed. Kian finds that this win gave the team assurance that “when [they] are at [their] best, it will be hard for someone to beat [them].” Gerard takes the win “as a great way to start the season,” but he won’t let it change his “mindset.” Besides Pennington, the boys in green also defeated Morris Catholic High School, Kinnelon High School, Morris Hills High School, and Montville High School; all talented soccer programs. But not as talented as Delbarton.

In summary, hopes and expectations are soaring for this year’s Varsity soccer team. With a talented, experienced squad that is also packed with skilled lower classmen, the Green Wave’s soccer season will be like no other.