Benefits of Christmas Music

Christian Agathis, Sports Editor

It may not be beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it is starting to sound a lot like Christmas. As of November 1st, Christmas music has taken over Satellite Radio. On channels 4 and 70, Christmas music can be found playing 24/7 until New Years. On channel 4, “Holiday Traditions,” you can find classic Christmas singers of yesteryear like Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, and many other famous crooners. On channel 70, “Holly,” you can find contemporary musicians, like Kelly Clarkson or Michael Bublé, singing holiday favorites. Many of us feel that Christmas music is truly the best genre of music at Christmas time, but few realize that it is also beneficial for your studying and sleeping.

The University of Southern California conducted an experiment in which a group of students listened to classical music (like “Holiday Traditions”) while studying for six months, while the other group of students continued their normal, music-less routines. The results showed that those who listened to music performed better in school and slept better at home.  Delbarton students often get too little sleep, and their grades may suffer as a result. Listening to classical Christmas music, however, may help relieve those problems.

If you do not have Satellite Radio, FM radio does not play Christmas music until late November, unfortunately. There is an alternative, however. If you download the free application Pandora from the App Store or the Google Play Store, you can create a free account and create your own personal Christmas music radio station on your phone. For me, Christmas music helps me perform better on homework and focus while studying. That is why I recommend that you find a way to listen to Christmas music, no matter the difficulty, this Christmas season.