Middle Hockey Team Preview


Christian Agathis, Sports Editor

Delbarton has many teams that are great at their sport. Although this is a benefit for the players on the excelling teams, it may unfortunately lead to other  teams going less noticed. This does not mean whatsoever that less noticed teams are in any way inferior; it just means that Delbarton students develop their skills in specific sports. The Middle School Hockey team at Delbarton is a talented group of young men who can be inadvertently overlooked because of the other varsity sports during the winter.

Middle school teams tend to differ from their varsity counterparts. Coach Jack Diffley coaches a different style than most varsity coaches because of what middle school sports require. While some varsity teams focus on winning, Coach Diffley explained that “the main goals of every season are for everyone to have fun and to improve as individual players and as a team.” Although this may not be as glamorous as hoisting the state championship trophy as a varsity athlete, it is absolutely right. The varsity teams at Delbarton are so talented because the players were instructed and developed by coaches similar to Coach Diffley when they were young.

While some aspects of middle school hockey differ from other sports, there are many similarities. Coach Diffley believes that it is important “to keep practices intense with constant skating to work on the players’ endurance…” These drills promote conditioning, and are absolutely crucial to a successful team, varsity or not. Coach Diffley also finds “rehydration” to be important as well. With a better understanding of human biology, coaches today are often stressing the necessity for their players to hydrate. Without enough water, an athlete cannot function. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best player in the nation or the worst, poor hydration will impair your playing ability. That is why hydration is important to all Delbarton athletes.

The Middle School Hockey team is a talented and enthusiastic group of guys. The general goals of the team may be different from varsity sports, but the everyday drills do not differ. Because they are less publicized, not many people go to their games, unfortunately. It is important, however, to get out there to support our brothers who practice and condition like the varsity squads. Where do you think those varsity stars are developed?  It behooves you to watch a middle school hockey game; you will not be disappointed.