Movie Review: King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword

Caii DeGregorio, Staff Writer

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Director Guy Ritchie inspires his audience with a fresh, new take on the old stories of King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot. Initially passed down through oral tradition, and told to millions all over the world, the legend of King Arthur and the Sword has been around for more than a thousand years and has captivated millions with its fanciful nature and tales of heroism. With the modern take on this age-old tale, Guy Ritchie creates a world where King Arthur comes to life in the new movie, King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.

The movie opens with a flashback of the war between the evil forces and the king at the time, Arthur’s father. This opening scene sets the stage for the rest of the movie as throughout the movie Arthur refers to this scene. Charlie Hunnam, who plays Arthur in the movie, slowly reveals what truly happened with the sword, his father, and the man who destroyed their kingdom. As the movie progresses, the infant Arthur is taken in by prostitutes in a brothel and is raised there. As he grows up, he protects these women from the perils of their profession while building his own fortune. As Arthur comes of age, the sword, Excalibur, tis said to show itself in a stone, and only the one true heir to the throne can remove the sword. At this point, the movie really delves into the sword, magic, and Arthur’s pursuit in taking back the kingdom that his father lost when Arthur was only a child.

The movie itself got a rating of 6.8/10 on IMBD and 69% audience score who enjoyed the movie. Most agreed that the CGI, acting, and the story were all good, but the reason the movie got a lower score than some other similar films was the directing. A sophomore, Lawrence Bao, when asked about the film, asserted “the film was trash because it didn’t make any sense.” Personally, I thought the unique Guy Ritchie style directing of chaotic, fast-paced motion made the movie exciting. Most complained that his direction as too complex and overdone as it created a confusing atmosphere, but to that, I say, “watch the movie a second time”. Along with the unique directing style, the quick English wit and the Irish sound track made the movie very enjoyable. This action-packed, fast-paced movie might seem complicated at first, actually was heightened in quality by the fantastic directing. I would recommend.

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