Delbarton Student Ambassador Program

Admission Office Outreach to New Families


Credits to CJ Gasser.

CJ Gasser, Editor-in-Chief

The Student Ambassador Program is a select group of sophomore, junior, and senior students who serve as representatives to promote and reflect the ethos and essence of Delbarton School. The serving coordinators for the program this year consist of Jack Townsend ’19, Yash Patel ’19, Christian Gasser ’19, TJ Parekh ’20, and Colin Saik ’20. These Coordinators work with Director of Admission, Dr. Donovan, to manage and organize all Ambassador events throughout the course of the academic year. Ambassadors assist with Saturday Interviews and Tours, Open Houses, High School Nights at neighboring middle schools, and Delbarton Arts Events. These students are among the first people to greet and welcome applicants and interested students to Delbarton. The program consists of students who all excel in their academic, extracurricular, artistic, and athletic endeavors.

Previously known as the Tour Guides Program, The Student Ambassador Program works to establish eoutreach, professionalism, and organization within all of its student participants. The students work rigorously over the summer months to understand and memorize important historical facts, enrollment statistics, and guiding philosophies that reflect Delbarton in the best capacity. Over the course of the academic year, students are given the opportunity to develop their professional skills through on-going workshops and meetings.

Overall, the main goal of the program is to publicize the ethos of the school, and how Delbarton works to not only turn boys into men, but create men of mind, body, and spirit. The rich history and culture of Delbarton has made the school that we attend and support today. That is why the Student Ambassador Program works to illustrate the power of Delbarton’s history, the influence and impact of the Benedictine Order, the prestigious academics, arts, and athletics, and how Delbarton will continue to make its students men, and men of God. This program is the embodiment of the essence of the school, and the spirit that drives all of the monks, parents, faculty, alumni, and students within the Delbarton community. If you would like to be a part of this enriching program, I strongly encourage you to submit an application to Dr. Donovan this Spring! This is a great opportunity to not only better your communication skills, but to grow as a young man of sour community at Delbarton.