Delbarton’s New Clubs of 2019


credits to Delbarton School.

Hayden Kim , Staff Writer

Delbarton is widely known for its great athletics and amazing academics. and for its unique and enriching variety of extracurricular activities. Delbarton offers a wide array of different clubs and activities to give students the opportunity to take their minds off the many stresses within their academic endeavors. Moreover, Delbarton is glad to welcome three new clubs this year. At the beginning of 2019, The Physicians One Day Club or POD, the Weather Club, and the SWORDs Club were created. I would highly recommend keeping these clubs on your radar and even try to attend a meeting or two.

First, the Physicians One Day Club (or POD) was formed by freshman Richie Mistichelli. Richie and his teacher-moderator Mr. Theroux worked together to create an enriching experience worth investigating. Richie Mististichelli says that the club was created because, “there is nothing like it at Delbarton, and more importantly, I want to give anyone and everyone who is interested in the medical field a chance to experiment and see what they may or may not love.” I personally attended the organizational meeting and felt that this club is something that people should attend. At every meeting, a medical professional comes in and speaks about their field of expertise in order to give students a better understanding of what it takes to enter and succeed in the medical field. Check out their Schoology page for more information.

Second, The Weather Club was created by freshman Luke Hajjar. The club utilizes weather cameras, weather stations, and weather machines to note atmospheric changes in our area. They record data and help students understand meteorology, what causes storms, and monitor the weather. Luke created this club, “because [he] loves the weather and wanted to share [his] passion with others… the weather was always a thing [he] was fascinated with and [he] wants to become a meteorologist when [he] is older.” While the club does not routinely meet in person, Luke and a few other students update the club when major storms are approaching and other interesting information from their weather machine.

Third, The SWORDs (Students Who Occasionally Role Dice) Club also known as the “Board Games Club” was created by seventh grader Neel Dhall. Neel created this club to, “let students play the games that they love and at the same time, focus on strategic thinking and game theory while playing these games.” The group is very passionate about this subject for a variety of reasons. Middle schooler, Neel Dhall originally wanted to enhance Delbarton students’ strategic ways of thinking by having fun board games to play. The thing that moved him to create this club was originally from his friends, in addition to joining his math teacher, Mr. LaLiberte, to play a variety of board games after school.

Overall, Delbarton is fortunate to have such exciting and innovative organizations created in the current school year.  I highly encourage you to check out all of these club’s pages and attend a meeting or two in the coming months.  Your participation will help these clubs build momentum and ensure their future growth.