“Decorum” is Not a Four-Letter Word

Mr. Manners, Conduct Consultant

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“Dolce et decorum est…”

All Classics scholars will recognize the quotation, translated, as “it is sweet and fitting…”  Therefore, I take this opportunity to remind members of Delbarton’s student body of what is appropriate in terms of dress and conduct as it seems your brains may have frozen in the recent “Polar Vortex” and therefore you have forgotten what is delineated in the “Student Handbook”.

Hats:  Simply put, a gentleman does not wear a hat indoors.  “Indoors” is defined as “Any place where it can’t rain on you” – Bum Phillips).  I have on many occasions repeated the request, “Please remove the hat in the building” (ad nauseum) as I pass between classes in Trinity Hall.  Yet, many students seem to experience short-term memory issues as I am compelled to repeat the very same request during the very next change of classes.  This also implies that hoodies will be worn “with the top down”, that is, with your head uncovered.  Only religious head-coverings should be worn inside.  With warmer weather approaching, I hope this will cease to be a topic of discussion.

Footwear:  Although I was under the distinct impression that moccasins, particularly Uggs, were forbidden, I could find no such prohibition when I checked the “Student Handbook”.  (If any of you can find the declaration, please forward it to me).  However, I do remind you that “work boots and sandals” are violations of the student dress code and therefore are not to be worn at school.  Construction site boots and “Timberlands” are violations of this part of the dress code.

Shirts and Shoes:  As published in your “Student Handbook”, “Shirts should be tucked in and [shoe] laces tied.”  Does anymore need to be said?  This simple and direct statement leaves no room for discussion or debate, gentlemen.

For better or worse, people will judge you on your appearance.  As your “occupation” at your current stage in life is “student” please adhere to the rules of your community regarding your attire and personal conduct.  Working professionals will tell you, “Dress for the job you want”.  Play up your expectations and those of your peers.  Dress to impress (in a positive way).

In closing, I leave you with the words of the “Student Handbook”, “It is important that the student abide not only to the letter but also to the spirit of the Dress Code.”  Enjoy the Spring Break and I look forward to seeing you (in dress code appropriate attire) when classes resume on March 18.