DAP Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration: Smashing Success!


Hayden Kim, Opinions Editor

On Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, Delbarton’s Diversity Among Peers Club (DAP) and the Parent Council on Diversity and Inclusion hosted one of it’s largest events ever. Hispanic Heritage Month spans from September 15th to October 15th where people recognize the contributions of Latin and Hispanic Americans in history, heritage, and culture. The festivities included food, music, entertainment, and cultural table displays. Where else could we start but with the amazing food provided by Sage and many volunteers who brought authentic Latin cuisine. The night was full of conversation, education of the ethnicity, and celebration. Music provided by DJs from Univision and a Mariachi band provided Latin music throughout the night. The cultural table displayed provided unique snacks from tvarious Spanish-speaking countries and educational information about their cultures.

Moderated by Mrs. Gomez and Mr. Negrin, Mrs. Gomez pointed out that this event couldn’t happen without “students getting together, signing up, talking to their families, seeing if their families wanted to do something, contacting Univision, seeing what they could do… ultimately we got everybody involved.” Organized by student leaders Angel Morataya ‘20 and Khyri Fortenberry ’20, Angel was taken by surprise by the turnout and that it was “unreal and overwhelming because we had about 150 people packed into Old Main but that didn’t matter because we were all here, united by love, family, communion, and food and music.” The Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration is only in its second year and this year’s event hit home. Since this was one of the largest DAP events ever,  Angel recognized that “this was absolutely huge for us because the success tonight means we will be even more successful the next time we plan this event.”

As a bonus for the guests that night, when you take a picture of that night with the hashtag #VivaDelbarton, it gave you a chance to win two tickets to the Bad Bunny Concert on October 27th.