Homecoming 2019 Review


Peter Gajewski, Sports Section Editor

On Saturday, October 12th, Delbarton football faced Pope John in the long-awaited homecoming game. Amidst the gorgeous weather and bustling atmosphere of homecoming, Delbarton football worked hard for a decisive 24-19 victory over Pope John. After a frustrating first quarter, Delbarton trailed Pope John  0-6.  However, in a triumphant turnaround, the second quarter was met with 14 points for Delbarton and only 6 points for Pope John, giving a Delbarton a 2 point lead at halftime. Delbarton maintained this momentum throughout the rest of the game, and were able to come away with a victory. 

Besides the fantastic football game, Delbarton Homecoming brought many memorable events, food, and entertainment. With tents overflowing with food and desserts, homecoming had no shortage of food. Friends, family, and alumni came from all over to enjoy the amazing party that is homecoming. With inflatable slides, bouncy houses, and horse rides, homecoming welcomed younger siblings and children to enjoy the day’s activities. Near the football field, Delbarton mothers and friends set up a shop for people to pick up some amazing Delbarton gear and accessories. 

In addition to the great party, Delbarton Homecoming was met with an unseen amount of student support and energy. A thundering walk down to the football field by the student body was followed by what Father Michael called “One of the best pits [he] has seen at Delbarton.” The crowd maintained the energy throughout the game. Seniors arrived in a random costume theme and the underclassmen came uniformed in their homecoming t-shirts. The pit was filled with terrific chants and plenty of enthusiasm. Rohan Amin, student body president, said that he “was thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm that students brought to the game. [He] was extremely impressed by the support that was maintained throughout the entire game, and especially in the second half.” Rohan and the Student Council worked hard to keep an exciting pit and create an amazing pep rally for homecoming.

This homecoming was surely one for the books!