Delbarton Thanksgiving Food Drive 2019: Quality over Quantity

Delbarton Thanksgiving Food Drive 2019: Quality over Quantity

Patrick Smart, Section Editor

Currently, in New Jersey, over one million people are victims of food insecurity. Essentially, this figure  indicates 13% of this state’s population does not know where their next meal is coming from. In order to address the situation and decrease this number, Delbarton holds the Thanksgiving Food Drive, one of the most notable days of the fall and the entire year, and brings the Delbarton community together to help those in our immediate area of Morristown. 

In past years, Delbarton has collected tens of thousands of pounds of food. While this was an incredible success and contribution, the goals of the soup kitchen shifted from quantity to quality. We can still make the same great contribution to support those who are food insecure by donating food that offers more nutritional benefits. Thus, this year’s drive has a new goal: nourish the hungry in our vicinity. 

Although the members of the Delbarton community come from a food secure home, one in ten adults and one in eight children still struggle with hunger in New Jersey. Donating to the drive represents a simple yet invaluable service that one can do in order to improve the community around us. 

As many know, this year’s food drive is structured almost identically to the annual Christmas Toy Drive. Each deanery is given specific foods to donate, the amount of which is divided among the members of the deanery. This quota ensures that the Community Food Bank in Morristown receives the appropriate amount of food – neither too little nor too much – as well as a balance in what is donated. In past years, the students who did not donate were counterbalanced by those who were generous enough to donate extra. This new system, however, requires the complete cooperation and participation of the Delbarton community in order to reach the goal. 

The collection and unloading process is also redesigned this year due to the inability to use the church at the end of Sugarloaf Road. There will only be one collection day this year – Thursday, November 21st – when everyone will bring their food to a truck on the pavers by the gym during M-Block. That Friday, Delbarton students will travel after school to the Morristown Presbyterian Church at 65 South Street to unload the food. Dads are welcome to join the Delbarton students and faculty during this time, and snacks will be served. This event will be a great lead into Thanksgiving break, as we give thanks and give back to those who may lack a stable food source.

Delbarton is one of the largest contributors to the Community Food Bank, and our donations are crucial for those who receive them. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that everyone brings in food for the collection and volunteers their time to help our local community on November 21st and 22nd.

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