Welcome Mr. Diaz!


Matthew Pasko, Staff Writer

Mr. Diaz joined our community in September and is teaching computer classes at Delbarton this year. This includes freshmen Intro to Programming, junior Intro to Java, and AP Computer Science. Mr. Diaz received a BA from Rutgers University after transferring from the University of South Carolina. However, his passion for computer science started much earlier. 

Mr. Diaz attended Communications High School in Monmouth. This school is similar to Delbarton in its competitive academic program. Mr. Diaz enrolled in an Intro to Java class, where the friendliness and love for computers of his teacher, Ms. Gesin, helped to develop his own love for programming. When he started looking for jobs after college, he knew he wanted to pursue programming, but the idea of coding at a desk all day wasn’t appealing. His family had a history of teaching: both his mother and grandmother were educators, so he decided to pursue this field, and came to Delbarton for his first teaching job. 

Mr. Diaz shared some interesting facts about himself. He currently lives in Jersey City. While in high school into college, he played bass guitar in a punk rock band with a few friends called the Scooter Brothers. Mr. Diaz’s sports interests lie mostly in soccer and basketball. He is a casual Barcelona soccer fan, and last year he became a huge Hawks fan. He doesn’t have any pets, but if he could, he would get a medium sized dog.

Mr. Diaz has really enjoyed his time at Delbarton so far. He appreciates the open, welcoming atmosphere, and compares it to that of his own high school. He looks forward to heading up the Delbarton Coding Club, (Please reach out to Mr. Diaz if you are interested in designing an app to benefit the school). 

Mr. Diaz truly believes that programming and coding are important parts of the future, and wants to inspire students to study this field the same way he was inspired in high school.

Mr. Diaz: welcome to Delbarton!