Can Gender-Reveal Parties (Literally) Burn Down our World?

Gender-Reveal Party Disasters Harm the Environment

Nicholas Yoo

Gender-reveal parties have gone to the next level in the past couple of years. This concept was first born in 2008 by a blogger and mom, Jenna Karvunidis, and her simple cake filled with pink icing. Now, these events have reached excessive heights, but not really in the sense that we want it to. On April 23rd, 2017 in Arizona, what was supposed to be a surprise of a new baby boy or girl turned out to be a disaster for the natural wildlife in the area. The Sawmill Fire burned almost 47,000 acres of land, the equivalent of 36,000 football fields. Yet, as if the American people haven’t learned from their mistakes, on September 5th, 2020, some thought it was a good idea to go out during a global climate crisis to use a pyrotechnic device for their celebration in California causing the ongoing El Dorado fire.  While these exciting fiestas are something worthwhile celebrating for families, there has been some deservedly harsh criticism regarding environmental impacts. 

As mentioned, due to the increasing creativity of ways to celebrate a child’s gender, some people have gotten carried away. Wildfires from gender-reveal parties are really concerning and highlight the latest pressing troubles with climate change. Problems with the environment, especially in the west with hot temperatures, dry climate, low soil moisture, and the presence of trees, shrubs, and other potential fuel increases the risk of fires and its effect once in place. 80% of climate fires are ignited by people and the smoke generating device that caused the El Dorado fire is no exception. In seven years, if we don’t bring our carbon emissions to zero, the results will be forever irreversible, and that “It’s a boy!” celebration may be the last if something isn’t done. The fact that Jenna Karvunidis had to step in, in disgust, to address her dislike for these parties says quite a lot. 

While these fires aren’t the only reason for climate change, it tells us a lot about the American people in times of darkness facing the environment. These parties could have been achieved through simple cakes or balloons. Yet people exhibit a selfish mentality, completely ignoring and exacerbating climate change and going out during a pandemic, just for their own pleasures. 14,000 acres of wildlife have been destroyed. Twelve firefighters are in serious condition and one has perished from the fire, trying to clean up the disaster brought upon by those people. 

So if anyone is planning to have a gender-reveal party in the near future, please limit your creativity and be mindful of our world.