The New Kairos Retreat

Spirit Stays Strong Despite Outward Changes

The New Kairos Retreat

Christian Lalin, Staff Writer

Every year at the junior Kairos retreat, Dr. Hajduk, our Director of Campus Ministry, begins the retreat by providing the students with a little insight as to what “Kairos” means. He tells us that when we see the word “Kairos” in scripture, it is during times when God intervenes into our time and makes himself present in the lives of his people. This powerful introduction and sentiment sets the tone for the uplifting and invigorating experience to come.

With the incessant activity and commotion of daily life, the Kairos retreat gives the students of Delbarton a chance to catch their collective breath and reflect on their relationships with those around them, and with God. As a student who had the opportunity to attend the Kairos retreat both as a student and a rector, my unique perspective has allowed me to see just how powerful this retreat is to all students who attend.

During my junior year, I went to the Don Bosco Retreat Center along with a third of my class, and we spent time reflecting with each other, losing track of time as we learned more about our brothers and ourselves. We also got a chance to bask in the serene beauty of God’s gift of nature as we spent time alone with our thoughts and God in nature. The most incredible aspect of this retreat comes when the student sees that between his brothers( who always are open to engage in conversation), and God, one is never truly alone.

This year, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Kairos retreat did continue with some slight modifications. Still, the impactful and meaningful experience prevailed. Although the format of the retreat prevented students from staying over at this year’s retreat location, the Shrine of Saint Joseph, students still shared their innermost feelings and expressed themselves from the heart. Despite the surface changes to the retreat, the same trust in each other was present through all group discussions as students still felt at ease sharing some of their most personal experiences with their brothers.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to hear numerous presentations from older students and faculty members on their relationships with God and God’s enduring love. In light of the Covid restrictions, Dr. Hajduk and the rest of the Kairos leadership team mobilized the retreat to promote safety at all times while still maintaining the profound meaning of the experience and continuing to provide students the chance to feel comfortable and connect deeply with one another.