Are We Truly “One Nation Under God”?


Nicholas Yoo

January 6th, 2021:  a day that all Americans will remember. A day American democracy collapsed and a day where all citizens of this country were struck in shock and fear. As a student living among millions of others through a confusing and stressful 2020 election, it is safe to say that the new year was something to which everyone looked forward. A new beginning and a fresh start. Instead, we were met with this horrifying account and it was devastating to not be able to have a voice in this situation but rather simply look at the terror unfolding on the news. 

In a nutshell, the raid began after supporters of President Donald Trump breached one of the most iconic American buildings, one of the pinnacles of American democracy and government, the Capitol Building, engulfing the nation’s capitol in violence after Trump strongly urged his supporters to fight against and block the counting of the electoral votes that would confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win. 

Starting from 1 p.m. on Wednesday, hundreds of pro-Trump rioters pushed through the protective barriers along the perimeter of the Capitol and were met with light resistance from Capitol Police officers. When the protestors breached the building, the House and Senate adjourned their meetings and members were evacuated along with vice president, Mike Pence who was presiding over the Senate meeting, to a safe location. 

Around 3 p.m. there was an armed standoff at the House where police officers had to draw their weapons to prevent Trump supporters from forcefully entering the building. Outside, Other Trump supporters scaled the U.S. Capitol walls trying to enter through other doors and windows. Smoke grenades were thrown, the offices of government officials were vandalized, death threats were scrawled on the walls, and the hearts of millions of Americans were broken. It took almost 5 hours before the entire building was secure. Such acts of insurrection have not been seen since 1814 when the British attacked and burned down the building and these demonstrations were deemed as acts of domestic terrorism by security officials. 

Such events call for a moment of serious reflection. That day showed how deeply divided our nation is and how important it is to have a leader who shows accountability, humility, and acceptance. This is a moment where we have to put aside our differences. This is not a problem between Democrats and Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives, but where our true morals lie. The actions that the nation witnessed on that day were filled with hatred, recklessness, and selfishness. 

In the end, a day after the Senate meeting adjourned calling for a no to objection on Arizona’s electoral votes, President-elect Joe Biden was certified for his victory. I truly hope that during his administration for the next four years, we see pathways of kindness and unity in this country.