Incoming Address from the Student Body President


James Royse, Staff Writer

With the recent election, I am very proud to say that I am now the representative of the student body for next year. I am very honored to be a part of this election with the runoff and the closeness of the election. It truly was very exciting and showed that there was promise in all the candidates this year. This year’s council showed a lot of promise, but the restrictions did not allow for the council to accomplish what they had hoped and planned.

But, next year is one of the most important years Delbarton will ever have. With a year and a half  of Covid, almost everyone who is not a junior and senior has not had a full Delbarton experience. Next year is the year in which we, as a student body, will reignite this experience fully, and then some. If next year fails, then we will have students coming into their senior year without a full Delbarton experience.

As your new elected President, I am very excited to accept this challenge and I promise that next year will fulfill all of your expectations. I am already extremely excited to get in the swing of things and the student body should be too. Soon, we will have a council in place and the new activities will start rolling out. But one element that we cannot stress enough next year is participation. Next year’s success does not depend on what is planned, but it depends on the brotherhood and the willingness to buy into the Delbarton experience and participate in everything. You only get out of the Delbarton experience what you put into it, and with a year and a half of it in debt, it’s time for us to repay our dues. Thanks to all the voters and the entire student body, next year is a year we all should be excited about already, because I know I already am. 

  • James Royse “Rooster”