Welcome Ms. York!


Arthav Naidu, Staff Writer

Ms. Natalie York, freshman French teacher entering Delbarton, leads the French department, teaching French I, II, and III to the students. I am excited to have her as one of my teachers this year. Before we get started, let me introduce Madame York and her own personal experience. She studied abroad in Paris for two 6 week sessions through the IES abroad program. Ms. York also received her Bachelors from Catholic University and her masters from Rutgers University. Ms. York worked various jobs at both of these universities during her time there. I had the opportunity to ask a variety of questions to Ms. York about Delbarton and the community here.

Question 1: What is your favorite and least favorite part of Delbarton so far?

My favorite part is the students. It’s really exciting being in an environment with such a close-knit community and I like watching them help each other, as well as play around and have fun together. I cannot say that I have had a least favorite yet.

Question 2: How will you bring your other teaching tactics from before to Delbarton?

It’s been an adjustment moving from teaching undergraduates, like I did as a grad student at Rutgers, to teaching high schoolers, but I like to keep the energy up and keep the students moving in the classroom. College students as well as the high schoolers appreciate it.

Question 3: What are your plans for the French Club this year, and how do you think it will work even with masks?

I (as well as many of the boys) am hoping we’ll be able to get a lot of the old events that Madame Pearsall [the previous French teacher] did back. The boys loved the crepe breakfast and the mardi gras party and haven’t stopped talking about hoping to be able to do it again! Obviously, some changes will have to take place with COVID restrictions, but I’m hoping we’ll still have some fun and I’ll be able to incorporate new traditions in with the old.

Question 4: Is there anything new that you think would fit well at Delbarton?

Well…I am more of a cat person. I think a school cat would fit really well with Ben. Haha!


It was a pleasure interviewing Ms. York and I hope to have a great year in class and through the French club!