STEM Club Starts!

Unlimited STEM Opportunities


Nicholas Yoo, Editor

The newly founded Delbarton Super STEM Club is well on its way to promote more opportunities in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for the Delbarton community. Currently headed by Jack Finning, Austin Kramer, Jonny Lang, Aaron Wang, and Nick Yoo, the club finds itself with over 60 club members.

With offerings ranging from the the Delbarton Robotics team (Delbotics) to Artificial Intelligence, to Science Bowls, the Super STEM club has everything you could possible want. As one of the club founders, I’ll briefly talk about each sub-section of this Super STEM club.

Captain of Delbotics, Jack Finning, guides his teammates along a fruitful experience of building and programming robotics. The team meets after school to discuss plans for the next competition and how they can put their best foot forward with the highest quality robots. For those of you not familiar with robotics competitions, they are fast-paced, high-action tournaments where you often feel like you’re in a sporting event instead of a science contest. At such events, teams may find themselves with different tasks like controlling the robot to complete various challenges. Make sure to contact Jack Finning or Mr. Bitler for more information if this sounds interesting to you.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology, and Engineering section of the club focuses on more regular events for the club. Mr. Bitler and Austin Kramer frequently host club seminars (led by both students and faculty!) as well as related field trips. William Du most recently presented to the group on 15 Novembere in the new Spada Commons.  The club is currently planning on organizing a trip to the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier.

The STEM Bowl and International Olympiads led by Jonny Lang, Aaron Wang, and Nick Yoo help and advise students interested in participating in the National Science Bowl (NSB) and Olympiads. Leaders guide students through the entire preparation process. The NSB is an annual team competition running on a quiz bowl style where a question is read and members must “buzz-in” quickly to answer the problem. Questions range from subjects in biology to astronomy! The International Olympiads consist of traditional science and math disciplines such as biology, math, and chemistry with 2-3 rounds of exams. The top four scoring individuals represent the United States in the international competition as one of the best high schoolers in the field. If you’re interested in joining, make sure to let Jonny Lang, Aaron Wang, and Nick Yoo for more information, ASAP!