Delbarton Super STEM Club Hosts First Competition

Nicholas Yoo, Editor

On Wednesday, December 16th, the Delbarton Super STEM Club hosted the school’s first ever
Science Bowl in the Spada Commons. Two sessions were available one in the morning (7:20am)
and in the afternoon (2:45pm).

Nicholas Yoo’24, Aaron Wang’23, and Jonathan Lang’23, along with faculty advisor Mr. Bitler,
organized this event to promote interest in STEM as well as provide some before and after
school fun for the students at Delbarton. Complementary hot chocolate and donuts were
available for competitors to enjoy.

Organized as team buzzer competitions, contestants “buzzed” in as quickly as possible to answer
questions ranging from biology to astronomy to even some fun Christmas trivia.
Each question started off with a toss-up question worth 3 points where anyone could buzz in. Once a
teammate buzzed in, they could not consult answers with their team. However, if the answer was
correct, a follow up bonus question was provided in the same subject matter where teams had 20
seconds to discuss and provide an answer.

The year’s first winners were the team of Jack Finning’22, Chris Lee’22, Jonny Lang’23, Vance
Vanvolkenburgh’23, and Ed Malhan’24. Prizes of our discretion will be available later!

The Delbarton Science Bowl tournament was styled after the National Science Bowl held in
Washington D.C. each year in April. School teams compete in their local regional competitions
where winners then qualify for an all-expense paid trip to the national tournament to possibly
win major prizes and attend cutting-edge science seminars.

Similarly, the Delbarton Super STEM Club was created in an effort to engage interest in the
National Science Bowl, International Olympiads, the school Robotics team (Delbotics), and
Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a host for the year’s first Science Bowl tournament, I can say that everyone really enjoyed the
spirited competition environment–we are excited for more events from the Super STEM club this