Delbarton Abbey Players Produce “Something Rotten”

Welcome to the Renaissance!

Nicholas Yoo, Editor

From February 11-13, the Delbarton Abbey Players produced a show like no other in the FAC theater. 

This year’s winter musical production was Broadway hit Something Rotten (music and lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick). With a cast full of talented actors and actresses from neighboring schools as well as an electric pit band, Something Rotten was something spectacular to watch! Directed by Mr. Matt Corica and with Mr. David Blazier directing the pit band, the audiences in the packed FAC  were in for a major treat. 

The musical is set in the 90’s, (the 1590’s!), during the English Renaissance as two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, struggle to rise to the top above other aspiring Elizabethan playwrights. Shakespeare, also known as “the Bard”, is currently the dominating literary figure in all of England and is portrayed as a god-like figure with narcissistic characteristics whom the Bottom brothers try in earnest to reach an equal amount of success. 

When Nick seeks out a soothsayer named Nostradamus, he discovers the future of theater called musicals: a play with songs that advance the plot and develop character as actors and actresses seamlessly segue from dialogue into singing. 

Alongside Mr. Corica was the wonderful choreographer and costume designer Ms. Isabel Lagano who taught the students brilliant dance moves while staying in handsome Renaissance attire. We also thank Mr. Chuck Johnson and Mr. Andrew Gannon for their work in building the beautiful set and organizing stage crew.

Personally, I wanted to recognize the pit band for their incredible work this year. The pit band, or more commonly known as “the pit”, is composed of both student and professional musicians who perform the music that accompanies the actors and actresses on stage. Two student musicians, Matt Howley ’22 (guitar) and Nicholas Yoo ’24 (violin), joined a group of professional musicians ranging from keyboard to saxophone to produce the jazzy, romantic, and lively numbers that the Kirkpatrick brothers composed. It was truly a delight and privilege to be alongside such talented and passionate adults and the friendly and inviting environment everyone created. Music director Mr. Blazier described this as one of Delbarton’s best works so far to which many agreed. This was coming from musicians who had played with him before the FAC was even built and when the musicals were hosted in Old Main! 

With the winter musical now concluded, information for the student-led spring One-Act Festivals will soon appear, so stay on the lookout on the Delbarton website under the Arts section!