Anthony Volpe: Always a Yankee Fan, Now a Yankee

Hometown Boy Makes Great!


Michael Barravecchio, Staff Writer

It all started for Anthony Volpe when he was born on April 28, 2001, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. After moving to New Jersey in the fourth grade, Volpe excelled academically and athletically and received the opportunity to play baseball for the USA National Team when he was twelve. This positive trend continued as he once again represented his country at the ages of 15 and 18. At Delbarton School, Volpe was off the charts in every single category. In his senior season, he batted .455 with 40 hits, 42 runs, and eight home runs. During his 2019 monster season, the New York Yankees were among the multiple MLB teams in attendance to observe Volpe’s talents. Before Volpe concluded his high school baseball career, the Yankees selected him with the 30th overall pick in the 2019 MLB amateur draft.

Despite his skill on the diamond, multiple Delbarton faculty members have also attested to Volpe’s academic promise. After speaking with Mr. Charles Johnson, the Math Chairperson at Delbarton, it was evident that Volpe was also extremely serious about his grades. Mr. Johnson declared he “didn’t even know Volpe played baseball until the spring.” In addition, he mentioned, “until then, he was just a smart kid that I felt could go to engineering school.” Mr. Johnson also added that he had “Anthony Volpe and Jack Leiter…” (another professional baseball player and Delbarton alumni) “…in the same Algebra II class.” 

After conversing with Delbarton’s varsity baseball and hockey coach, Coach Bruce Shatel, it was apparent Volpe’s time at Delbarton also positively influenced the varsity baseball coaching staff. Coach Shatel had nothing but praise for Volpe and confirmed that Anthony’s recognition is nothing short of deserved. Upon asking how Volpe was the ultimate student-athlete, Coach expressed that “Anthony was laser focused in the classroom and on the baseball field. I don’t think he ever received a “B” at Delbarton.  On the baseball field, Volpe wanted to excel in every aspect of the game.” Not only did Coach Shatel mention Volpe’s ability to excel on and off the field, but he also discussed Volpe’s disposition and personality. “Anthony is one of the most polite, humble, hard-working young men you could ever meet. On top of that, he is a fierce competitor. All he wants to do is win. He is a great teammate and supports everyone around him. He makes it easy to root for him.” 

This praise from Delbarton’s faculty explains why Yankees fans worldwide wish Volpe to be the next Derek Jeter. The professional process began for Volpe when he breezed through the minor leagues while still in his teens, ending the 2022 season in AAA as a 21-year-old. Then, just six months later, on March 30, 2023, Anthony Volpe made his Major League Debut as the starting shortstop of the New York Yankees. Delbarton’s Varsity Baseball team and coaches represented true brotherhood by taking the trip to the Bronx on Thursday to cheer on Volpe. The New York Post featured multiple Delbarton players, including Ryan Holman and Dominic Tse. YES Network also recognized Delbarton’s attendance and showed them on live television throughout the game. 

Volpe’s first MLB game was a success. He drew a walk in a quality at-bat on six pitches against Logan Webb in his first plate appearance. Soon after, a great jump allowed him to steal second base easily. Volpe also showed off the leather in the field, turning a double-play, making an across-the-body throw to nab Estrada at first base, and completing a 6-3 putout in the 9th.

In his second game, Volpe shined again, going 2-4 with a run scored and another stolen base. It is clear that Anthony Volpe is a star on the diamond but also is outstanding off the field. His kind and humble demeanor will surely make him beloved among all Yankees fans. Coach Shatel said it best; he is easy to root for.