A Green Wave of Music

An Era of Delbarton Music


Nicholas Yoo, Editor

In the 2021-2022 school year, Delbarton School made a drastic change in the school’s curriculum in the music department. For the first time, students have the opportunity to take designated ensemble classes, during the school day, for credit! They also may take introductory music courses. More recently, the school also celebrated a historic day where for the first time, ensemble classes during the school day met to perform at a concert after school in the Fine Arts Center. 

The school also warmly welcomed Mr. Lyman this year who directs the lower and upper school’s ensembles and Intro to Music classes for the sophomores. I talked with Mr. Lyman about his own experiences so far. 

Mr. Lyman has been with music for as long as he could remember. Starting with the violin at the age of 3 and switching to trumpet later, music has accompanied his entire life and he clearly passes his passion for music to his students. 

For Mr. Lyman, he simply says his experience at Delbarton has been fantastic. His colleagues are great and very supportive and the students have all welcomed him and brought him into the Green Wave. He describes making music here “very rewarding and personally up-lifting.” 

As mentioned, Delbarton introduced a multitude of new courses in music and the arts for the students this year. While after school ensembles such as the Abbey Orchestra and Jazz Bands were offered, there was never an in-school option. Classes such as Strings, Chorus, High School and Middle School Bands gave that chance for students, giving an opportunity for teachers like Mr. Lyman to work with students on a regular basis during the school day. 

When asked about what he wishes for the students to take away in the music classes, he responded that he hopes for the love of music to last their entire lives. Whether they want to pursue a career in the field or are just passionate about their instrument, Mr. Lyman said he will always be there to support their endeavors. 

His proudest moment at Delbarton as a music teacher was seeing the beginners play their first fall concert in the fall, which I will explain further. 

On October 19, 2021, Delbarton hosted its first ensemble concert for bands that met during the school day. Groups ranging from Schola Cantorum to String Orchestra, led by Mr. Blazier, Mr. Eklund, and Mr. Lyman performed during that beautiful evening. With a near full concert hall, applause and music filled the FAC for an hour and a half.  

Mr. Lyman thanked Mr. Blazier for his unending support of what he was trying to accomplish for the instrumentalists at Delbarton, and for Father Michael’s vision of a strong unified music program. He hopes that more and more students want to try playing an instrument and that they are just getting started and potential is very high!

In his final thoughts, his one vision is to have instrumental ensembles showcase their talents at music festivals and for the students to audition and place into Regional and State level ensembles, and I know that this can definitely happen! 

Thank you to Mr. Lyman for your passion and support as well as for your time to talk about your experiences!