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Community Service Spotlight: Interfaith Food Pantry

Feeding Our Local Communities

Delbarton has numerous service activities for students to get involved. Ranging from yearly events to weekly trips; there is something for everyone. For a service opportunity both casual and impactful though, the Interfaith Food Pantry provides a great opportunity for many.

What is the Interfaith Food Pantry?

The Interfaith Food Pantry comprises of a network of food pantries serving Morris County residents for over 25 years. Originally started as a typical food pantry, it has evolved to encompass home visits and “shopping”. In addition to distributing to those in need, the Interfaith Food Pantry provides educational services to Morris County, informing residents about healthy eating and the issues of hunger within our nearby communities. Since 2019, over 6 million pounds of food have been given to those suffering from all types of food insecurities, which equates to roughly 4.4 million individual meals.


Why is the Interfaith Food Pantry Special?

Alex Calder ‘25 cleaning a window at the Interfaith Food Pantry

While many food distribution services simply hand out food, the Interfaith Food Pantry attempts to understand the people it serves. From their headquarters in Morris Plains, those who suffer from food insecurity can become members of the Interfaith Food Pantry, and “shop” at a small store within the building, modeled after a common supermarket to provide the members with a sense of normalcy. The Interfaith Food Pantry understands that just handing out food is not enough: people need to eat healthily and understand how to eat. Out of the over 1.7 million pounds of food distributed in the 2022 year, almost 700,000 pounds were healthy produce. Additionally, the Interfaith Food Pantry works to educate the residents of Morris County how hunger affects people, and provides services to teach people how to eat healthily.

Why Should a Delbarton Student Support the Interfaith Food Pantry?

Many students believe they do not have time for community service. They have school work, sports, and any other activities or extracurricular commitments. However, the Interfaith Food Pantry offers two time-conscientious opportunities: the Thanksgiving Food Drive and Delbarton visits to the pantry. The Thanksgiving Food Drive, coming up in a few weeks, is the easiest way to support those in need. Bringing in food on the day of the drive helps Delbarton supply the pantry with necessities to feed the hungry in Morris County, and requires minimal time commitment.

In addition, students can go with Delbarton to unload trucks of donated food at the pantry for a more impactful experience. However, students with more time can go with Delbarton on Tuesdays to help around the Interfaith Food Pantry. Mr. Jesse Mazzola, the teacher moderator for trips to the pantry, says that, “The Interfaith Food Pantry is an amazing place. Our service visits to the pantry are both rewarding and fun experiences for our young men, and I’m proud of how well our students put into action the Catholic Christian values of our amazing Benedictine community.”

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