The Delbarton Superfan Pass. What is it?

Are you a SUPER FAN?


Superfan Stand at Freshman Orientation 2021

Hayden Kim, Opinion's Editor

With the new school year and the return to Delbarton, the Delbarton Senior Council was given one mission from Fr. Michael: “Return to Tradition”. In response, for the first time ever, James Royse and the Senior Council launched the “Superfan Pass.”

One of James Royse’s first major ideas, the Superfan Pass is a Delbarton season pass to all regular season Delbarton home games and theater performances. Along with the admission to these events, the Superfan Pass provides an exclusive superfan shirt, a wristband, priority queue at big games, future Delbarton shirt, and an automatic admission into raffles that the student council will run throughout the year. The main goal of the Superfan Pass is to raise money and reinvest in student body events such as student events,  pep rallies, and school dances.The Superfan Pass provides students with benefits and reasons to go to sporting events and theater performances. At the reasonable price of $60, the Superfan Pass helps students get involved at Delbarton events and to ensure that the 2021-2022 school year is the best year yet. If you haven’t bought your superfan passes yet, here is the link to get them: