The Delbarton Pep Band

Pep in Your Step!

The Delbarton Pep Band

Jamie Eck, Staff Writer

Classic songs such as “Michael Jackson’s Thriller,” Ozzy’s “Crazy Train,” and other contemporary pieces emanate loudly from the band’s speakers after big plays on the football field.

As the annual Homecoming football game kicks off, a sea of students, covered head to toe in black, erupts on the right side of the new bleachers. The scene is familiar, yet with one audible difference: the invigorating blare of live music. The familiar tunes blasting from the right side of The Pit are played by the newly formed Delbarton Pep Band. 

At many schools, live music at a high school football game is the norm, yet in the nearly 70-year history of the Delbarton Football Program, no music has accompanied football games until now. Leading the way, the Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, Beginner Band, and music teacher Andrew Lyman started the Pep Band to enhance an already electric atmosphere. 

The Pep Band holds regular rehearsals to make the music game-day worthy. Classic songs such as “Thriller,” “Crazy Train,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” added to more contemporary pieces such as “Still Dre” emanate loudly from the band’s speakers after big plays on the football field. The band, while small, consisting of just one keyboard player, two percussionists, two saxophonists, and one D.J. packs a big punch. All game long, students, faculty, and parents alike come to check out the Pep Band, commenting on how much it adds to the bleacher experience. 

Mr. Lyman made a great effort for the Pep Band to come to fruition, with the Director of Athletics, Mr. Whalen, and Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Ruebling, giving their approval.  In addition, Mr. Lyman secured speakers, amps, and a place in the football shed to store equipment. 

There is still much more to come from the Delbarton Music program in the future. The Pep Band will play at-home basketball games in the winter. Mr. Lyman has also started initiatives to integrate and spread music throughout the Delbarton community: Battle of The Bands Competition, a Solo Competition, Coffee House performances run by Nick O’Brien ‘23, and the advent of the Tri-M Music Honors Society – a service-oriented music program promises that the Pep Band is just the beginning of a very musical year at Delbarton.