Super Bowl LI Review

Houston Hosts Instant Classic Super Bowl.


Christian Agathis , Staff Writer

Houston was the host to the best Super Bowl ever!  Super Bowl LI had all the elements of excitement: questionable coaching decisions, unbelievable catches, a miraculous 4th quarter comeback, times of domination, and many broken records. With all of this taken into consideration,  it is very possible that the Falcons and Patriots just played one of the best games of football in history. It is destined to become an “Instant Classic”.

For the few who did not watch the game, the Falcons had the lead for almost the entire game. With a commanding lead of 25 points by the third quarter (28-3), Matt Ryan was having a career day. However, although the Falcons entered the second half with an 18 point lead, everybody knew deep down that if there was a team that could somehow come back, it was the Patriots. The Patriots repeatedly stomped all over the Atlanta defense and walled off the Falcons’ offense during the 2nd half. After 3rd and 4th quarter domination exhibited by the Patriots, the game was tied 28-28 and heading into the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. And as soon as the Patriots won the coin toss in overtime, everybody knew what was going to happen. The Patriots, inevitably and improbably, won their 5th franchise Super Bowl.

After Super Bowl LI, it is of no argument that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the best player-coach combo in the history of sports. It is also clear that Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever with five Super Bowl wins, which averages out to about one Super Bowl win for every three years of his career. On Sunday night, the record for Super Bowl wins for coaches and quarterbacks were both broken. The Patriots also set the record for the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

In spite of possibly the worst commercials of Super Bowl history, there were many highlights to the actual game. One major moment was the Falcons’ questionable choice to continue passing the ball in the second half, which resulted in Ryan getting sacked and penalties which pushed Atlanta out of field goal range, inevitably losing the game. Another huge watershed moment was Julian Edelman’s sensational catch late in the game. Tom Brady’s pass over the middle was tipped up into the air; a play that usually results in an interception or incomplete pass.  However, the ball landed on Atlanta Falcon, Ricardo Allen’s arm, and was then grabbed by Julian Edelman before the ball touched the ground. This spectacular catch rivals those of David Tyree, Mario Manningham, and Jermaine Kearse (all of which ironically caused a Super Bowl loss for the Patriots).

All in all, the game of football that was played on Sunday night was like no other. It had all the essential elements of a sports legend and is being called one of the best Super Bowls and games ever. The Patriots are truly one of the best sports teams of the 21st century.