Homecoming Preview 2017


Christian Agathis, Sports Editor

A huge pit. Great friends. Excellent football. Cluck U Chicken. These are some of the staples of Delbarton Homecoming that make this day so special. This day is only as great, however, as the people attending make it. The Delbarton football team has struggled this year, but that is not a valid reason to not attend Homecoming. In fact, the support of the fans at Homecoming could very well be what turns this season around. Believe me, Homecoming will be equally as fun, whether there is a win or lose. 

One of the best parts of Homecoming is the strong sense of community. Most alumni attend this event and look forward to it every year. For students, it is one of the most exciting weekends of the school season.  One amazing aspect of Homecoming is that a lot of the faculty and monks at Delbarton come and enjoy the event with their students and past students.  There are pony rides, face painting stands, games, cotton candy, and most importantly, Cluck U. When you arrive on campus, you almost feel the “Homecoming essence”.  Luckily, the weather is reported to be 74 and sunny! This is not only an event for the Delbarton community, but it is also for the community around us. Plenty of neighboring schools attend this event, for its fun atmosphere and copious amount of food. This is the biggest day on the Delbarton calendar, so if you are free on Saturday, get out and support the GREEN WAVE!

Football aside, Delbarton Homecoming is truly an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. Before the game, parents will be selling merchandise and offering food and drinks. The electric atmosphere combined with the preview of fall weather and aroma of Cluck U Chicken before the game will make you glad you came. Then, once the game starts, the Wave’s boisterous pit will make you truly feel like a brother.

Here is the NEW map of Delbarton: