Senior Class Film Awards 2019


credits to Delbarton school.

Hayden Kim , Staff Writer

After the Oscars announce their picks for the best and brightest in the film industry, another film award will be handed out here, at Delbarton School. The students in Mr. Michael Carr’s film production class will receive awards for the hard work put into their films. The Senior Film Production class teaches motion picture skills, how to create a narrative, how to video edit, and how to frame shots. The films are equivalent to a final exam and are worked on throughout the entire academic year.

The Film Festival will feature food, panel discussions, and great student-produced films. Awards include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor/Actress, and an Audience Award. This award is voted on by the audience. While Mr. Carr did note that everyone is in a different stage of production going into spring break, he was optimistic and stated that “every year they always exceed my expectations. They always do way better than I thought they were going to do, so this year I expect nothing less.”

Senior Kieran Kraus provided some insight into the creative process behind his film. The hardest part for him was, “ the production to happen… and making it come alive with scenes and events”. He explains how he started with only a script, a camera, and a group of actors. He agrees with Mr. Carr saying that “we aren’t expecting the world. We aren’t going to develop anything toward the Academy Awards, however, I think what we are hoping to do is just tell the story we want to tell the best way we can.” The Senior Film Festival will take place on April 29.