Student Elections 2019

Amin, Stockton and Pizzo elected to Leadership positions for 2019-2020.


credits to pixabay.

Conall Nugent , Staff Writer

On April 19, six juniors gave speeches for student body government positions for next year. The winners of this election receive a spot on the Council of Seniors and can name other students to the council. The council itself makes very important decisions for the student body including games, after school activities, and other events such as Homecoming.

Previously, all six candidates received enough votes to make it past the preliminary round.  The final candidates included presidential candiates TJ Parekh, Rohan Amin, secretarial nominees Trip Stockton, Matt Castellano, and councilman hopefuls Danny Hajjar, and Kenny Pizzo. Of these candidates, Rohan Amin won president, Trip Stockton won secretary, and Kenny Pizzo won councilman.

Many of the candidates created instagram pages that informed other students about policies and plans for the upcoming year. For instance, the two presidential candidates, Rohan and TJ, provided extensive lists of ideas for next year. TJ advocated for a sleep out before homecoming, back-to-school bar-b-ques, and a schoolwide March Madness bracket. Rohan promoted grade reports throughout the term, coffee in the morning, and a dance for homecoming. Overall, all of the candidates gave great speeches and made a great effort to become involved in the Delbarton community for their final year on campus, and any one of them would do an excellent job as part of the council of seniors.