Delbarton Freshman Soccer Update


Christian Agathis , Staff Writer

“Jerry Jabbour with his 50th goal of the year!”

This hyperbole is a joke that Coach John Thompson of the Freshman Soccer team makes constantly, when in fact, Jerry Jabbour has never played soccer outside of his middle school and Delbarton. That does not imply, however, that he cannot have a major impact on the team.

The Green Wave Freshman Soccer team has had a great season so far this fall. They have put up tremendous numbers, including a 7-0 win against Delran. All of the players have made major contributions to the team’s success, such as Ivan Scotto and Brendan McSorley who currently leads the team with a combination of 14 goals out of the team’s season total of 33. Ivan credits his success at the forward position to “[his] center midfielders because they set [him] up a lot.”

Soon the Green Wave Freshman Soccer squad will face Dover High School, who recently beat Morristown. The Green Wave played Morristown to a 1-1 tie.

In order to succeed, the Wave freshman soccer players need exceptional play from their greatest contributors. Aside from Ivan and Brendan, one player who stands out statistically is striker Hayden Beumee, who currently leads the team with four assists. In addition, as previously noted, Jerry Jabbour, a high scorer, has never played club or travel soccer in his life, however, he currently has three goals and an assist, which places him top-five on the team.

In an interview with Jerry, he confesses that even he did not expect such success.  If asked at the start of the season he would achieve both individual and team success, he replied, “I wouldn’t have believed you … I didn’t even think I was going to make the team.” Now he in among the top-five in points.

Indeed, the future looks bright for the Green Wave Freshman Soccer team.