Freshmen Basketball Preview

Christian Agathis , Staff Writer

The freshmen basketball team has high hopes for the season, and with a very talented team, their collective goals should be high. The team’s first game was last Friday, December 16th, against a tough Chatham Cougars team. When asked about what he thinks the team will have to do to be successful this year and against Chatham, freshman Scott Martin replied, “We will have to use the entire bench and make sure we work as a unit and run the plays that coach has designed.”  Freshman Ryan Cummings answered, “Play together, stay positive, and push through adversity.”

When the players were questioned about whether or not the team has bonded over the past two weeks and if that will help down the line in the season, Scott Martin shot back without hesitation, “Definitely, because we didn’t know each other and the past two weeks have bonded us together. The better your teammates, the more you know about their playing style, which can help win games.”  Ryan Cummings also responded quickly, saying, “Absolutely. These last two weeks were good for us. The practices and scrimmages have been very beneficial.”

The freshman basketball team is seeking success this year, and with the skilled team they possess now, success is inevitable.