Campus Ministry – A New Start

Faith-based Events Coming Back after a Covid Year.


Pauli Mattiola, Staff Writer

Following a year of Covid regulations involving virtual masses, abbreviated retreats, and lessened opportunities for community service involvement, the Mission and Ministry program is back and better than ever. While planning upcoming events, we were unsure what the year would bring. We spent many days during the summer assembling the community service organizers and retreat teams and preparing ourselves to lead the student body. After a great day learning to surf from Mr. White, an amazing surf instructor, we charted our course to have a great year. 

Starting the year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit in September, it was a great experience gathering the entire school community in the Abbey Church once again for Mass. Quickly, the six of us learned the details of how to run Mass.  Every detail from becoming Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, to Altar Serving, to being Lectors and Ushers, and even acting as ambassadors to the Bishop of our Diocese. Rolling into the fall we had a successful Community Service Fair and Open House. During both of these events, we were able to discuss the ample community service options available this year to new and prospective students. With many of those opportunities canceled last year, it is great to have most of them back. We have Neighborhood House (virtual) and the Interfaith Food Pantry running bi-weekly, Epoch running every Thursday, and Wave-4-Life holding various events for respect life month. In the upcoming weeks, we are looking forward to our two biggest school-wide service projects: The Thanksgiving Food Drive and The Christmas Toy Drive. Make sure to keep your eye out for updates about both of those events. 

Aside from the revamped community service program, we have created various programs to promote faith on campus. During homeroom, we have events every day of the week to help strengthen our relationship with God and the clergy around us. Every Monday we have “Munchkins with the Monks”, where for the price of one question to Br. Finnbar you can get a munchkin. Tuesdays we have confessions, Wednesdays we have meditation, Thursdays we have Rosary, and Friday we have Lectio Divina. We also hold daily masses in the St. Martin Oratory in the Student Commons, which is one of the best ways to start your day (the second being a Wicker Basket sando). In addition, to our daily schedule, we have re-started our robust Retreat Program here on campus. Fellow Minister, Braden Lalin, led our first Freshman Retreat in late October. He worked very hard putting together a great team and a great experience for his underclassmen. We also recently had our first Senior Day of Recollection at St. Joseph’s shrine led by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and the first Sophomore retreat at the Romero Center in Camden. In the upcoming week, we have our first Kairos retreat for Juniors, and the best of the three freshman retreats (yes I am leading that one).  The six student leaders enjoy monthly dinners with our faculty leaders, Mr. White and Br. Finnbar, to discuss our faith and grow as leaders and men of faith. 

We are looking forward to all that is going to happen the rest of the year. Make sure to find a way to get involved! If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to talk, reach out to any of the six of us: Paul Mattiola, Braden Lalin, Will Calder, Christian Carbeau, Richie Mistichelli, and Dom Caruso.